After seeing an example of a letter, I propose to see how to write a test. This article is from my written production guide.

What is a test?

An essay is a type of argumentative text where you have to express your personal opinion. It is an academic text that has no particular recipient (unlike the letter for example). It must include an introduction, a development in 2 or 3 parts and a conclusion.

Setpoint of the test

The subject I propose is about leisure, one of the most frequent topics in the exam.

The benefits of reading are already known. Yet, a recent scientific study reveals a surprising discovery: reading books would make it possible to live longer. A decisive argument that could give young people a taste for reading! What do you think ?

You will express your personal opinion in an essay that is well-argued and constructed of about 250 words.


And here is the example of production that I propose to you.

Young people would read less and less and it would be absolutely necessary to give them a taste for reading. We will try on the one hand to remember its benefits. We will show on the other hand that the pleasure of reading has not disappeared, but that its fashions have changed.

The benefits of reading on studies are first and foremost obvious. A young person who reads enriches his knowledge. By developing his vocabulary, he improves his writing skills. In addition, the regular reader, since he learns to focus his attention, gets better grades.

In addition, reading is no less beneficial to health. We already know that it acts against stress. It allows to escape for a moment the anxieties of everyday life. It can also be said that by stimulating the brain, it delays the long-term effects of aging and is a way to fight effectively against Alzheimer’s disease.

However, all these benefits would fade in the face of new media competition. It must be recognized that young people read fewer and fewer books. Video games and television series offer much more realistic and compelling ways of escape than novels. However, it can be seen that movie successes like Harry Potter can increase the purchase of novels, as it allows readers to extend the movie experience.

The arrival of a new media such as the internet and especially social networks could have made people fear the end of reading. But exactly the opposite happens: the user reads and writes a quantity of messages! As a result, reading has not decreased, but it has become more social. It is likewise more fragmented. Young people who still read books prefer to read them serialized, as shown by the success of apps that broadcast a chapter of romance a day.

In the end, it is incorrect to say that young people read less and that they should be given a taste for reading. They do not ignore the benefits, but their practices are changing rapidly. They probably read fewer books, but their exposure to writing has not decreased with new media, quite the opposite.

To you !

It’s up to you now! You can write your essay (only on the subject presented in this article) and post it in a comment under this article. I will then give you tips to improve your text, if you need it.

How to pass exam ?

The article is a type of text much less requested than the formal letter on exam. But it can always “fall”, you never know and besides, it is an interesting exercise that you can very well meet at another time in your learning of English. That’s why I chose to include it in my Written Production Guide. Here is an excerpt!

Let’s discover the subject

The magazine of your university invites its readers to contribute on the following subject: can one be friend with his teacher on Facebook? You decide to participate by expressing your opinion in an article constructed and illustrated with relevant examples. (250 words)

How to layout an article?

You will not be asked to write an article like a pro, of course. But the layout still counts, so it’s better to follow certain rules.

Article model

And here is the example of production that I propose to you.

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