Writing a Persuasive Essay with Ease

Persuasive essays are some of the easiest essays to write. It is all about convincing the reader to align with you on a specific subject matter. The secret is to know what to write, how to defend your arguments, and most importantly, how to emphasize, and convince readers. Some of the best strategies to use are:

  • Picking a topic one is passionate about
  • Knowing your audience
  • Hooking the reader’s attention
  • Researching extensively
  • Being emotional in your arguments
  • Using rhetorical questions
  • Emphasizing your points
  • Being repetitive

Why Persuasive Essays are Important

Apart from being part of the academic essay writing process, knowing how to write a persuasive essay is a life skill that will be useful in the future. It helps a student or writer develop their fact-checking and research skills. Writers learn how best to express opinions and arguments clearly. It follows specific steps, as described below.

Choice of Topic

First things first, writers must choose a topic they are comfortable and passionate about. It is easier to convince a different person, something that you truly believe in. A topic that easily appeals to your sensibilities and beliefs will be easier to propose. However, research extensively to make a reasonable argument and defend yourself in case of inquiries.

Understand Your Audience

Know who you are talking to and decide which method to use to get to them faster. When you have the target audience in mind, your arguments will also be targeted. Content should be audience specific, preferably focusing on something that could be interesting to them too.

Get the Reader’s Attention

Your point should be clear from the start. Use declarative statements that hook the reader right away. All the arguments and supporting material you bring on board should be supporting your main stand and not tearing it down. Your audience will then easily pick a side once they understand what your argument is about.

Research on Both Sides of the Argument

Know your subject well before picking sides. Carry out extensive research on both the opposing and proposing sides of the topic. You should comfortably tackle any concerns on either side, even if you have chosen to lean towards one of the two. This is also crucial if you need to counter your argument since it should be done in a factually.

Emotions Play a Big Role

Remember that the aim is to convince the audience to join your side of the argument. You may have to invoke an emotional appeal to speak to the audience’s sensitivity. The words you choose should express the reasons why they should join you.

Emphasis is King

A persuasive essay is so because of the emphasis that is laid on it. Readers are likely to believe you more if you emphasize the point. Use adjectives that paint vivid pictures of your argument. You can use repetitive techniques, and rhetorical questions to send the message home.

Focus on writing a persuasive essay that can push your audience to buy your school of thought. The suggestions above will help you organize your thoughts and make it easy to convince others.

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