Basics Types of Speeches

Even though the speech's central core is delivery, it can be categorized into four main parts. Here is a breakdown of the most common types:

  • Entertaining speech – The primary intent for such an essay is to amuse the audience. It usually has an informal nature that helps in the communication of emotions.
  • Informative speech – It aims at informing the audience about a particular topic. It also aims to break down complex theories into understandable ideas.
  • Demonstrative speech – It is used when demonstrating how a particular item functions. It makes use of visual aids or gestures in showcasing the information needed.
  • Persuasive speech – It refers to one that a speaker is trying to prove a point or perspective is right. The speaker attempts to make the audience agree with their point of view.

How to Make a Memorable Speech

Creating a memorable speech is one that the crowd relates to. It is about building trust with your audience. Here are the ways you can use to organize your speech better:

Catching Opener

The way you start the speech dictates how much attention the audience will give you. Therefore, beginning with a captivating will surely make the audience pay attention to you. Beginning with a story makes the audience open on receiving what you have to say. You can use a famous quote that the squad can relate to.

Summarizing Key Points

Giving a long speech will only bore your audience. Sometimes a short and precise speech is worth more than a long and detailed speech. The audience might quickly lose interest in some of the points. Therefore, it is crucial to summarize the critical points to make the audience follow along. 

Creating Mental Pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words. People are more open to retaining information when they visually picture it. You can use some metaphors and similes to help in visualizing your ideas. It gives your audience something to think about even after completing the speech. Mental pictures are long-lasting and create a reaction from your audience. 

Making Pauses

Having a natural flow with your speech is something many people die for. However, it is essential to break down the speech to give the audience some time to digest the information. It creates the perfect time to use pauses within the speech. Make use of the pause when you are breaking down points. The pauses help in creating a natural flow when delivering your speech. Your audience is in a better position to absorb your information. 


Humor cannot be tied only to entertainment speeches. Use of humor is essential in breaking the ice during speech delivery. You can add a joke in the middle of the speech to capture the attention of the audience. Ensure it is a dry joke to avoid offending a particular group of people in the audience. 

Furthermore, you need to practice your speech delivery skills. As much you need to engage the crowd, it is essential to keep in neutral as much. Do not go overboard to elicit a reaction from the audience.

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