Write Your Top-Notch Research Outline

Writing research papers without creating an outline first will make it for you to complete in high quality. You are developing an outline before writing has so many benefits. A good outline will help you in getting a suitable structure for your paper. It assists in highlighting significant findings of the research for a better understanding. All the same, what are the right steps to writing your outline?

Create a Plan That You Will Follow

You have to create a good plan that you will follow all through. You can either handwrite it or type it on your computer. A typed outline is preferable for you will only be required to copy and paste your content and align it as made in the plan.

Make a Narrow Topic

We always create an outline to help us arrange our ideas well, and the topic is part of it. Without a good topic, it is impossible to design an outline that resonates with the topic. So, choose a good topic. Try to make it narrow but still can be researched widely. A narrow topic will help in avoiding being too general. Such a topic will prove it hard to research for well-detailed content. After that, develop a suitable thesis statement.

Understand the Target Audience

There is so much to gain from understanding your target audience. You will be able to structure and write your research paper based on how the audience wants it. Always remember, you are writing it for someone, not yourself. It could be your lecturer or an institution, get to be sure of the target audience and tailor everything to their desired shape.

Research for Content

Here you are supposed to carry out a thorough search for content relevant to the paper. Write every point briefly in bullet form. The research can be based on scholarly materials, articles and even books. The following are some of the things you should note down;

  • Quotes from books
  • Facts from history
  • Paraphrased notes
  • Statistical data

Think about Ideas

There is a lot to write on but focus on reflecting on the topic and the thesis statement. Add in it questions that you will be answering as you write your research paper. The questions will keep you in line. Write as many as you can, and then later you will deduct the ones you feel do not make sense.

Structure of the Research Outline

Have a logic that you will follow to the end. Your structure should be appealing and easy to read. The structure should be in three parts. You must have an introduction, research body and a suitable conclusion. Arrange the ideas and let them be cohesive, and each should form a paragraph. Start with the most vital points, and end with the weakest.

Edit the Paper

It is the last thing but the most important. It would help if you always went through the research and correct typos and spelling mistakes. Edit grammar error where necessary.

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