School starts again soon ! Let’s prepare ourselves slowly to go back to school.

Three methodology sheets for written production to help you prepare for an exam.

Write an essay

Knowing how to write an essay is essential if one wishes to pass his baccalaureate.

On the one hand, testing is a difficult written production exercise because you have to be able to discuss any subject – if you are not free to choose your problem – and on the other hand, the essay is relatively simple because governed by fairly strict rules that must be known and applied.

To carry out this exercise, you must keep abreast of the news, know how to give your opinion, know the logical links in order to organize your thought and therefore your text.

Here is the summary sheet.

Write a summary

Like the essay, the summary is governed by strict rules that can change from one country to another.

Indeed, foreign students are often surprised to see that the summary does not tolerate sentences like “The author claims that”, which are actually used for the text comment or even that we keep exactly the same system of enunciation.

It is once again important to master these codes if you want to write a summary in English.

Here is the summary sheet.

Analyze a caricature

In the analysis of the caricature, the great difficulty will be the interpretation because the culture plays a key role for the deep understanding of the message. It will be necessary to know to interpret with the cultural references, the collective unconscious, the symbols and the meanings of the country, more or less obvious according to your nationality and your knowledge.

A caricature can have various subjects: politics, society, culture, family, …

So you must of course keep abreast of the news, know the culture of country, but not only that learned by stereotypes, current and popular culture is also taken by cartoonists.

It’s hard work, but very interesting.

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