Pre-written speeches

Giving a speech to the public is almost as scary as falling down from a high cliff. You feel so nervous and scared. A thousand of thoughts is pondering in your head. What will those people think of you? Will they laugh? Or maybe pretend they liked your speech? So many negative thoughts come up to your head and seem to never leave…
Well, they actually might stop bothering you. It is possible to reduce stress from giving a public speech by preparing beforehand. Outline and write down the draft of your speech. Once you are done with that part, practice delivering it and proofreading. In general, pre-written speech is an excellent tool if you need to be flawless in front of the public. But just preparing the text in advance does not guarantee a success. Some overall suggestions are provided below to take your speech to a whole new level.
The way you talk is important, but it is not the most important thing about presenting your speech. The content of your talk is crucial as well. Even the most sophisticated speaker will fail to receive the support of their public if the information they share is old, irrelevant and uninteresting. Make sure that your content makes sense and keep your audience in mind when creating your speech. Who are the people you talk to? Are you sure this is the best possible way to approach them? Ask yourself this kind of questions as much as you can.

Once your script is ready, you have to become familiar with it. Just knowing what’s in there is not enough. Read it many times and try to know it by heart. Even though you can look at it a little while giving a speech to the audience, it is preferred to remember everything that is included in the pre-written speech. If you know exactly the content and flow of your speech, you will sound more professional during the presentation.
It is very important for you to create an impression that you are very familiar with the topic, even if you are not. Be ready to answer the questions from your audience. Actually, you should be ready to face any hardship during the time you are giving a speech. You might get interrupted, dizzy or anxious. Get ready for that and create a respective plan. In this way, audience will see how expert and competent you are and will trust your speech more.
Also, do not forget that you have to practice in front of the mirror before you deliver your speech to the public. Imagine that you are talking in from of the people and pay attention to your mimics and face. Experiment with facial expressions to make the speech more engaging. Your audience will love it if you show emotions and transfer your positive attitude to them. During your practice, you can practice and track your body movements as well. Look closely at your body language. When practicing in front of the mirror, try to figure out when to take a break during the speech and how to attract audience’s attention when people start losing their focus. Practice entering the pauses and breaks seamlessly and learn how to support those transitions with your body language.
Thirdly, prepare something will make you attractive to the audience. It can be an anecdote or joke in the beginning of your speech. Don’t be afraid to share a story from your life, but make sure you are not oversharing.
These are all the advices and benefits connected to the pre-written speeches that we wanted to share with you. Thank you for reading this article and we really hope that it was helpful to you!

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