Should You Tackle the Essay?

Taking your SATs isn’t all about tackling math problems – it is also about time management and ask about essay on stereotype. How can you tackle your SAT with an essay within the set time?

As you are studying for your SAT, remember that time management is also fundamental. It is not all about the multiple-choice questions – there is an essay section. Well, don’t fret; this section is entirely optional. This means that you can choose not to do it if you feel like you are not up to it. However, essays don’t have predetermined answers and chances of faring well here are not very high. This is the quagmire that hits most SAT takers. You can choose to risk it all and complete only the “simple” parts of the SAT, and on the other hand, you could try your luck with the passage section. Of course, tackling an article will engage you more and make you spend more time in the test. You are the ultimate decision maker, but there are advantages of going for the essay. Long is the SAT with Essay?

Ordinarily, your SAT possesses three parts that require three hours to handle. However, with the essay that is not mandatory, you get fifty additional minutes. The regular question of the essay in an SAT is writing an article. Your writing will be based is going to be based on a passage which will not be more than 750 words. Therefore, in these fifty minutes, it is your responsibility to comprehensively read and reread the entire text and reply to the prompt. As is the nature of essay writing, this test tries to test your capability of analyzing different literature and picking up valuable points. Whatever you have grasped from the author’s piece is what will constitute your essay. Do fifty minutes sound efficient for tackling this essay prompt? It depends on your skills and capabilities, but having proper time management in the other section of your SAT means that you will have more time for handling your questions. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Reading: It will take 65 minutes.
  • Writing and language: 35 minutes.
  • Math without a calculator: 25 minutes.
  • Math with a calculator: 55 minutes.
  • Writing prompt (optional): 50 minutes.

There are different breaks as you tackle the SAT exam. You will start with a ten-minute free-time that is between the reading and composition test. Between the different math tests, you will have another five-minute break. If you have chosen to handle the SAT article question, after the math section, you will be assigned only two minutes before you resume with the writing. is integral to know how to handle your time to ascertain that you complete every test within the set time. Knowing how much time you utilize in every question can work wonders in time-management. If you apply natural pacing, it will be easier to gauge how much time you take in every question. This, in addition to a structured approach, makes the whole process easier for you.


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