The article is a type of text much less requested than the formal letter on exam. But it can always “fall”, you never know and besides, it is an interesting exercise that you can very well meet at another time in your learning of English. That’s why I chose to include it in my Written Production Guide. Here is an excerpt!

Let’s discover the subject

The magazine of your university invites its readers to contribute on the following subject: can one be friend with his teacher on Facebook? You decide to participate by expressing your opinion in an article constructed and illustrated with relevant examples. (250 words)

How to layout an article?

You will not be asked to write an article like a pro, of course. But the layout still counts, so it’s better to follow certain rules.

Article model

And here is the example of production that I propose to you.


You probably already met a professor on the famous social network and … you hesitated. Invite him or not? It’s risky, but once the precautions are taken, you’ll soon discover the benefits!

Inviting your teacher on Facebook is certainly not without risk. The first obviously is that he refuses your invitation! Indeed, for many teachers the social network remains synonymous with “waste of time”. They will pretend to be too busy to look at your holiday pictures …

Also recognize that a teacher can not be a friend like any other. Moreover, many students doubt that he can have a life after class! It is important for the teacher to know how to keep his distance. In fact, he also plays an evaluative role that must be respected. He may also be worried about his safety, as shown by some cases of harassment on the networks.

However, these are risks that are not very difficult to avoid. Indeed, the term “friend” on Facebook is a bit ambiguous. It should rather speak of “contacts” that will be more or less close depending on your preferences. You can set your account to choose who can watch your photos.

In fact, some teachers choose to create a professional account because they find many social benefits for the social network. First, it is a great way to disseminate course information. Then, a little shy students will find a more reassuring solution to ask questions. Finally, less formalism in the exchanges can subsequently improve the atmosphere in the classroom.

So, do not hesitate to invite your teachers on Facebook. If you know how to keep your distance, you will be able to take full advantage of this new mode of educational relationship.

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