How to Develop a Basic Research Paper Outline

Developing an outline for a research paper is the first step in presenting a well-polished document. Often, many students would forget to do this when they are writing their academic papers. But now, most of them don’t realize the essence of having an outline for a research paper.

Now, do you want to know how to come up with a basic research paper outline? Besides, do you want to know the reasons for having one? Read through this post for more information!

What is a research paper outline?

An outline is a framework that reflects how the final copy of your report will appear. It is crucial to start your writing with a plan. And why is that so?

The outline acts as a guide for writing the research paper. It is crucial to have something that will take you through with the writing process. You don’t want to jumble up information in your reports. Besides, it helps individuals to detect any section that is missing in their writing.

How to Structure a Basic Research Paper Outline

The outline in a research paper should appear as follows:

  1. Title

Start by stating the title of your research paper. Doing so helps to guide you on what you have to do or write about.

  1. Thesis statement

Write down the thesis statement of your research paper. With this section, you can understand the main objectives of your writing.

  1. Introduction

As a fact, the introduction helps to hook readers to your writing. In an outline, you can indicate the approaches you’ll take. The points should enable you to develop an exciting hook to attract the readers’ attention.

An introduction outline should also indicate points that link your writing to the topic. Besides, you’ll point out the thesis statement in your research paper.

  1. Body section

Here, you’ll include all the major points to support your writing. The body section in your final copy should have an introduction, supportive data, and conclusion. The introduction should provide the major points and link them to the theme of your research.

You’ll also indicate all the minor points that support the major ones. Remember, you must present each new idea in a different paragraph. As such, the number of sections to include in the research paper outline will depend on your approaches.

Be quick to cite down all the references you’ll use when searching for supportive ideas. Finally, you’ll provide points that will conclude the paragraphs. Be keen to give a summary of each section. Also, you can indicate transitional words that you’ll use to link one paragraph to the other. It is crucial to have this in your outline as it helps one create a logical flow in their final research paper copies.

  1. Conclusion

An outline for a conclusion will restate the thesis statement. You’ll also come up with a firm stand that represents all the points present in your research. Remember, this section should summarize the entire research paper.

If you can outline your research paper, you’ll be able to write it without any difficulties.

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